The Sky's Eyes


Lukas sources low-rez video to the newsfeeds. In the future, attending demonstrations has become a popular pastime. When the demonstration turns violent (as they usually do), Lukas is there. He has worked hard to build a reputation for producing quality clips. That reputation and his willingness to be in the fray are his primary assets.

One morning, he learns that his reputation is worthless. In that moment, he realizes that he is both unemployable and a social outcast. Could it be related to the girl from the night before, or to the abduction of a low-rez producer that he recorded at a demonstration? While trying to figure out the mystery, he meets Kim. She is difficult to be around, but she won’t go away because she needs to solve the mystery as well, for different reasons.

Kim lives in a world of data and algorithms. Lukas prefers climbing on buildings and playing in traffic. Together, they must discover the cause of Lukas’s destroyed reputation because people keep disappearing.

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